EastWood Golf Presents: Our Top Conspiracy Theories

Coming soon, Eastwood Golf will start posting our own theories. The 1st Potential conspiracy that we dig into was the easiest decision ever. The JFK Assassination. My theory is one of the less talked about and I strongly like it, especially how it answers a great number of previously unknown answers. It will be released Sometime in the first week of November. Will update soon!

Solid week of Golf. Hole in one AND a Double Eagle!

My form has been rising lately and I’ve really been hitting amazing shots. On October 8th, I sunk my 39th Hole IN One since April 2018.

Then, just 4 days later, I sunk a Double eagle on the par 5, 5th hole. Double Eagles are much, much more rare then Aces on this game. You need to nail 2 perfect shots for a DE compared to hitting one great shot for an Ace. Sadly though, my overall scores this week haven’t been anything to write home about. The reason why? Well, for some reason, I’ve had the worst wind ever. It’s like I’ve been playing these rounds in the middle of a gosh darn hurricane! Best score in the last week was a -18. Really good score, but when you are shooting 10 under after you’re front 9’s, you would think that a -20 would would pop off once in a while.

So it’s been shoved right in my face… I need to work on my back 9’s to get more consistent scores. I’ve been getting crushed on the back 9’s lately which hasn’t always been the problem. Knowing what my problem is step 1. Now I gotta start putting down more practice on those holes to get the scores that i’m looking for. Will have updates on my quest for the perfect round coming up shortly. Take care, Kevin Eastwood.

This Round is for Tom!

Uncle Tom passed away suddenly Tuesday morning at the age of 61. I made it a point to just play 1 round that night. No resets, no quitting in the middle of a breakdown, 1 round. Shot what to the general public, a very good score at -12. For my potential, it was a squandered chance to do something amazing. ‘Amazing” you say? “How’s that?’

Well it wasn’t a lost round at all. I actually tied my personal record for lowest front 9 ever at a blistering -11!!! Birdie all 7 par 3 and 4s. Then eagled the 2 par 5s. I felt in that perfect groove where you become semi unconscious and stop thinking too long and having more than 1 answer for important shots and let my hands go to work and play more of a freestyle way that uses my extensive history with each next shot. My “man with the plan” that lives in a dark room located in the very bottom of my brain play the game. He only can play when the other 90% part of my brain takes gets lulled into taking a break. That big part of the brain worries to much, overthinks things that are not important. But sadly, that bully is also in charge of important things. Like, telling me to go to the bathroom now, or perhaps reminding me I should probably eat something other then ice cream tonight.

RIP uncle Tom

On the 10th hole, my “Back door man” was quickly dispatched of when i had a difficult 2nd shot that would had very large importance. If I nail that shot, I’m putting or birdie and continuing the orgy of Birdies and Eagles. If I miss, then it’s going to have big consequences with the trees on the side I was aiming for.

In spectacular fashion, I cut it a bar or 2 too strong and the ball landed just next to this idiot of a loner tree. Sticking out farther than any of his relatives and friends. No wonder why those guys get cut up, shredded, and turned is ass paper all the time. The ball looked clean, but the dreaded OB noise rang out like a church bell tower… if satan had his own church. That OB knocked me out cold and I wasnt getting up for the count. The next 8 holes, I hung on for dear life and shot a shockingly bad -1. I say “shockingly” because those last 8 holes I have little to no memory of. I was in shock. It’s one thing to have a collapse… but when you do it right after tiring your personal best on the front 9 is brutal.

But then I laughed. That round represented the extremes of live and death. You can live a full, happy life, but no matter what, someday… someday you will die. And no matter how great your life was… the death part… still sucks.

Rest In Peace uncle Tom. Please watch out for Gram and Gramps in heaven.Thank you all for whoever reads this blog. I appreciate your time. Live life to the fullest and tell your loved ones you love them.

Kevin Eastwood

Just shot a -19 for my brother’s bday!

Title says it all… yet it actually does not in the least. This round of golf was a one of a kind. I chipped in three, yes three(!!!) balls from over 150 yards to shoot 2 birdies and 1 eagle! I birdie every other hole for a score of -19.

This type of round makes me a big believer that not only can I shoot a “perfect” round 50 (-22) , but even a higher score is possible!

To get a score of anything lower than a 50, then I would HAVE zero sink the ball somewhere outside the green to get either an hole in one on par 3s, an eagle on par 4s, or a double eagle on Par 5s! So I would need to accomplish that, all while not missing any shots no getting birdies when I should get birdies, and even harder, I’d have to eagle ALL Par 5s!!! Phew! Did you get all that???

Well, back to the course to put some work into my game that nobody else has interest in!!!

Oh ya… almost forgot… happy bday to my lil brother Lil readheadedude41!!! Just turned 32! that round was for him and I believe it was my best score of 2021!

Shooting for the WR in NES GOLF. Also home for conspiracists and funny stories

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